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Bertolaso Mobile Bottling Line in 53’ enclosed trailer

Line is an 18 head Bertolaso from 1981. It is rated at 60 BPM and has been running 750 ml bottles. The lines starts with a 22 pocket Mc Brady Orbit sparger then goes to an 18 valve filler which comes with lots of change parts. Next, is a 4 head Bertolaso Corker. The bottles then convey to an 8 head Bertolaso spinner and finally to a 2 station, inline Impresstik labeler. There is full conveyance on this line as well as an abundance of staging for empty glass and pack off of full cases.


The complete list of items on this includes:

53’ L enclosed trailer

Mc Brady Orbit Sparger

18 valve Bertolaso filler

4 head Bertolaso corker

8 head Bertolaso spinner

2 station, Inline, Impresstik 3000 Vac labeler

Full conveyance including dump and pack off stations.

Change parts, lenticular housings

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