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Marzola has been manufacturing basket presses since 1851 and created the California Basket Press back in the 1970’s. Marzola basket presses are designed according to the main pressing traditions for fermented grapes to obtain premium wines, using the basic principles for a delicate treatment of the grape and avoiding herbaceous flavors through unwanted breakages.

  • Intelligent programming with three variables: Time, Pressure and Speed Adaptable to any pressing needs.
  • Base and upper body joined by two columns.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Hydraulic operation by special double acting cylinder to achieve minimum speeds and avoid the formation of must pockets in the pressing mass.
  • Wood or stainless-steel baskets.
  • Tray with enough capacity to avoid overflows.
  • Available sizes:  10 HL, 20 HL, 26 HL, 30 HL

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