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With Marzola’s innovative wine press you can control all aspects of your wine grape pressing.

  • Advanced press controls let you edit any function of the press and save them for future use.
  • Drum and frame are made completely of stainless steel.
  • Pneumatic door is airtight with the ability to inject gas into drum to remove all air from the press.
  • Touch screen controls with manual override system lets you know if the press fails so you don’t have to wait for a tech, allowing you to continue operating.
  • Automatic CIP system that lets your operators work on other aspects of the winery while the press cleans itself.
  • Automatic pomace dumping with programable door opening to help meter pomace discharge.
  • Low solids in wine with our advanced drain screens.
  • Intelligent pressing cycles based on flow rates and other factors allow the operators to work on other matters while the press works out what the next steps should be.
  • Short pressing times with our intelligent pressing cycles.
  • Sizes:  10 HL, 25 HL, 50 HL, 100 HL, 150 HL, 250 HL, 350 HL, 450 HL, 650 HL.
  • Marzola offers open drum and closed drum membrane presses.

With 175 years of press manufacturing the Marzola press is designed to last the test of time.

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