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Marzola has been manufacturing the highest quality winery equipment since 1851.  Marzola Rotary Screen and Pre-Drain Screens are used around the world.

Rotary Screen:  Marzola Rotary Screens from 150 GPM to 1000 GPM+

  • Frame to be all stainless-steel tubing, angle and sheet.
  • Internal helical ribbons to convey solids to discharge end.
  • Two water spray pipes total, one installed at each top side screen.
  • Adjustable brush on exterior of drum for cleaning.
  • Cover to be hinged.
  • Drive to be severe duty, wash-down, 230/460v, 3-phase gearmotor.


Pre-Drain Screen:  Marzola Pre-Drain Screens from 100 GPM to 1000 GPM+

The Marzola Pre-Drain Screen makes filling your presses much more efficient.  With our advance draining system we can remove most of the free run juice from customers red tanks.  This way when you are filling your press you can load much more pomace into each press load.  By removing the free run juice before loading the press it reduces the pressing time and increase the amount of tanks that can be loaded into a single press load.  Our Pre-Drain Screen has the ability to blanket gas the chamber to reduce any air contract with the customers wine.


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