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MOOG Automatic Half Ton Bin Washer (3 Stations):

  • The MOOG Automatic Half Ton Bin Washer comes with three stations: Load, Wash, Unload.  The system can process 120  half ton bins per hour.
  • When the half ton bin enters the wash tunnel it is washed inside and outside by using a flipper inside of the wash tunnel.
  • Washes bins with a high-pressure wash head with 2000 PSI to ensure the half ton bin is completely clean after wash cycle.
  • The machine is made completely of stainless steel.
  • The washing tunnel washes with hot and cold water to make sure the bin is completely clean.
  • PLC control systems lets customers control speed and wash times of bins giving the customer the ability to control the entire process from start to finish.
  • Photo eyes are used to ensure safety of customers.
  • The machine comes with a remote control so forklift operators can start and stop the machine if necessary.



  • Half ton bin stacker at discharge of machine. Up to 3 bins high.
  • Water recycling system.
  • Half ton bin drying system. This system will dry the bins before they are stacked or removed from the machine.

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