Barrel & Tank Washing » MOOG FR2 Automatic – 2 Barrel Washer/Steamer

The MOOG FR2 Automatic is a 2-barrel washer & steamer with many standard features and state of the art technology. The FR2 is a fully automatic 2-barrel washer that comes standard with wash (Hot, Cold, Ozone and Steam), lees collection and low water usage with a Swiss made wash head. Our autorotation is simple and easy to use and makes the FR2 top in its class. With MOOG’s standard features and high-quality washing/steaming features the FR2 sets the benchmark for high quality barrel washing.



  • Two Barrel Automatic Barrel Washer
  • Auto Rotation (Standard)
  • Wash/Steam including Hot, Cold, Ozone & Steam
  • On board Pumps (Standard)
  • Lees Recovery
  • Remote Start
  • PLC Controls- Designed for remote connection for diagnosing possible issues.
  • 1.5-inch Tri Clover Connection
  • Low water usage – 5 GPM for two barrels or 2.5 GPM per barrel per min

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