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MOOG Picking Bin Washing System:

  • The MOOG Picking Bin Washing System can wash a minimum of 250 picking bins per hour.
  • The MOOG Picking Bin Washing System uses a closed-circuit water recycling system to reduce water usage.
  • The machine is made completely of stainless steel (including chain).
  • High pressure pumps produce 1400 PSI to ensure the picking bins are completely clean.
  • The picking bins are washed inside and outside.
  • There are 3 perf baskets to collect heavy solids.
  • The water holding tank has a float system that will automatically add fresh water if needed.
  • Comes with 4 locking wheels to make moving the machine around easy and safe.
  • Controls come with VFD to increase speed or slow down.
  • Dimensions: 8’ 8” (L) x 3’ 7” (W) x 5’ 4” (H)

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