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High speed, complete MBF bottling line. Line runs at 210 BPM and features gravity style fill valves. Line comes complete with change parts and was previously bottling in 375ml, 750ml and 1.5 liter bottles. The Complete Line consists of an ABC Packaging uncaser, Kosme bottle rinser,  60 valve MBF filler with screw capper, Bertolaso Delta Corker, Bertolaso capsule spinner, Palace Packaging Cork Hopper, and Filtech Bottle Inspector. This line comes complete with change parts and lots of conveyance.

This high speed MBF line also includes a Robino Galandrino capsule applicator, Cavagnino Gatti Labeler, Standard Knapp 939S Case Packer, Elliot Case Sealer, Weber 5300 Case Labeler, Currie LSP-6A Case Palletizer, and an Orion MPA-55 Pallet Stretch Wrapper. The MBF line offers the best in filling and packaging machinery in good operating condition. It will run Corks or screw caps and apply pressure sensitive or glue applied labels.

To include:

Depalletizer Model # Manual Serial # Manual

ABC Uncaser Model # 49 Serial # 23617

Kosme Rinser Model # Jet Clean R Rinser Serial # F01909

MBF Filler Model # Fillblock 60.2160LV Serial # MB000003LP

Bertolaso Corker Model # Delta 509R Serial # 116200030

Filtec Fill Level Inspection Model # FT-70 Serial # 118009

Palace Packaging Machinery Cork Hopper Model # HP-15 Serial # 8664

Robino & Galandriono Capsule Applicator Model # Zenith 12000 Serial # OZE04074285

Bertolaso Capsule Spinner Model # Zeta 116 Serial # 342.398

Cavagnino & Gatti Labeler Model # CG84CLL/15/7/2XPSR/MPP Serial # D5325

CI Vison Label Inspector Model # Missing Serial # Missing

Standard Knapp Case Packer Model # 939S Serial # 939252

Elliot Case Sealer Model # HMT-Mini Serial # 05-03-04

Filtec Full Case Inspection Model # Missing Serial # Missing

Currie Palletizer Model # LSP-6A Serial # LSP-6-1284

Orion Stretch Wrapper Model # Unknown Serial # Unknown

All related dump tables, conveyance, overhead conveyance, accumulation tables, change parts and related bottling line

accessories and pack off tables.

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