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WineWorks is a group of people with a passion for wine.  Andrew Wooller grew up in the city of Sonoma and was surrounded by wineries.  It was my life for as long as I can remember.  Now that I own my own company, I want to change the structure and culture of winery equipment distributors.  I have worked for several equipment companies over the past 20 years in the winery equipment business.  I have found that a lot of vendors want to make as much money as possible on each piece of equipment they sell.  I started WineWorks to turn that model on its head.  We want to help our winery customers and families thrive in a tough market.  To that end, we have built a group of like-minded vendors that want to help our winery families thrive and grow.

The way we offer this service is to keep our overhead low and work smart to keep our costs down.  This way we can pass on savings to our customers.  We do everything from buying materials when they are cheaper and pushing our vendors down on price.  Because our overhead is low, we can keep our pricing lower but also supply the highest quality equipment.  I have found that with the right understanding of our customers’ needs and process we can work to find more economical solutions from used equipment to new equipment.  Bottom line we want to help our industry grow for the future and help future generations be able to enjoy our local wineries for generations to come.

We have 60+ years of experience in winery equipment at WineWorks.  We have vast experience in winery pumps, bottling lines, presses, crush pads, controls, barrel washing, tank washing, pressure washers and much more.  If you need help with any part of your winery operations give us a call and if we cannot help you, we have a vast network of experts to help you with almost any issue (equipment, filtration, fermentation…).  Let WineWorks help you find a solution or someone that can help.  We are here to help our local wineries thrive and grow.  We want to be a good partner to our customers so our industry can grow and thrive.